Latest News Update

Here’s a little roundup of all the latest Tech news:

  • The Apple television may just be a transparent screen with a glass bezel, it’s rumoured;
  • The iPad 2 is, of course, still being sold, and it’s been discovered that latest models of the device are showing a 16% increase in battery life;
  • Steve Jobs wanted to called the iMac the ‘Macman’.  Thankfully someone talked him out of it;
  • A 70-minute documentary, ‘Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview’ is coming to 19 Landmark Theatre locations in the US on 11th May.  It had a limited release last year, and depending on success, will appear at other locations and on DVD later in 2012;
  • A new rumour about the next iPhone says the device will be taller, have a 4″ screen, redesigned dock connector and metal back panel;
  • All 650 members of the UK Parliament are to be issued with iPads, at a cost believed to be between £260,000 and £430,000;
  • A new ‘Do Not Disturb’ notification has been discovered in beta releases of Mountain Lion.  This new notification can be used when you want to suspend notifications from the desktop and work without distraction … or do anything else without distraction … if you know what I mean?
  • Mac trojans and spyware still abounding: I’ve had two this morning alone.  God-knows where this crap is coming from;
  • Samsung have nicked the Siri idea for their Galaxy SIII phone;

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