Another Nataly Dawn News Update, Hurrah!

Thank God for Nataly Dawn.  It’s a quiet tech weekend – not much news about at all.  I woke today to find a new News Update from Nataly, and this is what it says:

To Do Before Album Comes Out (OR Ditch Project and Use Kickstarter Funds to Flee to Mexico)

“Oh wait. Can’t flee. Money’s spent. Guess I have to follow through with the whole album release thing.

This is just so you know everything that’s running through my head right now… Here’s what I plan to do before the album comes out. Naturally, I assume that lacking to complete any one of these items could potentially trigger the whole Mayan-end-of-the-world-prediction.

  • Keep fans up to date on progress (or stagnation) through blogging, social networking and shows on Stageit (like the one I’m doing this Monday!)
  • Fulfill Kickstarter orders. This includes printing t-shirts, posters and CDs, signing everything, writing lyrics on posters, doing two oil paintings and recording, filming and editing five more VideoSongs.
  • Release covers album.
  • Coordinate with photographer and designer (Jeff Marini) on album art.
  • Figure out ways to harness the power of Pomplamoose for personal gain (is there a nicer way to phrase that?)
  • Organize and edit footage for TEN VIDEOS that will be coming out with the album. Fortunately, I don’t have to edit all of them before the release, and I’m outsourcing most of the work to China. But in all seriousness, I’d like to release a couple videos along with singles before the album comes out.
  • Release singles.
  • Coordinate with iTunes regarding release date.
  • Set a release date maybe? Oh that’s right! I can’t do that until I:
  • Figure out whether or not I’ll be doing the release with a label. Big decision. Requires flipping a coin at least three times.
  • Either sign with competent management team or find way to clone self.
  • Get a good sync person on board for licensing music to film, TV and commercials. You know, because I’m a sellout.
  • Marketing, marketing, marketing…what to do about marketing? I will ask either cloned self or management.
  • Work with agent to set up nationwide tour.
  • Work with publicist to set up nationwide fame.
  • Take over the world.

Is that it?

I felt like there was more…”
There’s a link to Nataly’s StageIt page HERE and you can pre-book for the Sneak Peak of Nataly’s New LP HERE (Right now there are 84 tickets left – pay what you can!)


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