Thursday News Roundup

A few snippets of the latest news for you:

  • A new Apple Patent released today shows “gifting” of iTunes content via email or Near-Field Chip.  This could point to Near-Field technology being incorporated into new iPhones, iPads and even the iPod Touch;
  • As you may have read here, Jony Ive has been awarded the British Visionary Innovator Award;
  • A funny little story coming out about Steve Jobs wanting to put a “golden ticket” inside the box of the millionth iMac, and then inviting the finder of the ticket to Cupertino for a tour of Apple.  It was claimed that Jobs was even gonna dress up in top hat and tails to greet the winner.  It fell apart after scrutiny of California’s gambling laws wouldn’t allow them to do it very easily;
  • Apple have been given permission to build a cafeteria in Cupertino just for Apple employees.  It would be somewhere for staff to go to relax without fear of being overheard or having their prototype iPhone 5 picked up by some unscrupulous hack at the bar;
  • WWDC is more likely to be about iOS 6 than iPhone 5;
  • Some “analyst” says that Apple will decline without Steve Jobs.  Yeah, that was evident from the recent Apple earnings wasn’t it?
  • Apple stores are replacing the iMacs in the Kids’ Section with iPads.  Presumably because some kids were seek poking the iMac screens believing it was a touch screen.

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