News Roundup inc. Great iTunes “Now Playing” Notification Tip!

A few bits and pieces I’ve gleaned since I got my broadband back (and thanks to @BTCare for their expert help getting me back online!):

  • A new job posting has appeared at Apple which could point to 3D maps in iOS;
  • Windows 8 will come in three versions: Version 8, 8 Pro and 8RT;
  • Samuel L Jackson has appeared in the latest Apple Siri advert;
  • Philippe Starck has confirmed the revolutionary project he was working on was, in fact, Steve Jobs’ yacht;
  • Trial version of iWork has been taken down by Apple, and now you’re led off to the MacApp Store to buy the full version;
  • Another Mac Trojan (SabPub) has reared its ugly head.  This one affects MS Word documents, and could be nastier than Flashback.

Now to that great song notification tip in iTunes.  This little Terminal job shows a little “what’s playing” window from the Dock:

Open Terminal in OSX and type in the following line:

defaults write itunes-notifications -bool YES

That’s it.  To finish off, type this:

killall Dock

and then exit the Terminal.  Now, when you play a song in iTunes, you’ll get the little popup notification from the iTunes icon in the Dock.  Clever huh?  Looks like it’s a feature Apple just didn’t bother to switch on.  Saves me a heck of a lot of time finding out what ghastly noise I’m currently listening to.



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