Friday the 13th News Roundup

Some end-of-the week news for you.  Not a lot, again, sadly – but my net connection has been up and down like a tart’s drawers:

  • Designer Philippe Starck has said he’s working on designing a “revolutionary Apple product”.  He reported that the item should be “available in about eight months’ time”;
  • I’ve now had two different variants of the Flashback Trojan, detected first by DrWeb and then Kaspersky.  Apple have now weighed-in with their own “fix” for the problem;
  • Supplies of the 15″ MacBook Pro have been constrained ahead of a possible new-design model;
  • One wag suggested the new machine could have a “retina display”;
  • Apple are believed to be about to report 33M iPhone and 12M iPad sales for the start of 2012;
  • A street in Brazil has been renamed ‘Avenida Steve Jobs’, which is not far from the local FoxConn plant;
  • A new digital content authoring tool from Apple could make it simple for people without a background in programming to build their own iOS applications for the iPhone and iPad;
  • A mock-up of what the new mini iPad may look like compared with current iPad and iPhone 4S looks like:
Mock-up of iPad Mini, new iPad and iPhone 4S

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