Easter Roundup

Here’s a few snippets of news to end your week:

  • I’ve not been near the new iPad yet.  I saw one in HMV in London but couldn’t get near it.  The Japanese were all over it like a tramp on a kipper.  The device appears to be bugged by wifi and (now) 3G problems.  Rumour was that the company were recalling a number of them where the customer saw fit to complain;
  • I’ve always said that if Apple give the name ‘iTV’ to their new television, I would go out on a shooting spree and kill everyone I know within ten miles.  The word ‘iPanel’ looks to have come to the fore now, “to reflect its position as a living room hub for TV, gaming, media and other services”.  The branding is also expected to be part of an effort to avoid a potentially costly legal row with UK broadcaster ITV, after the budget British third channel wrote to Apple and said “don’t even think about it”.  For the uninitiated, ITV is a cheap, nasty television channel filled with crummy advertising and nasty, fat, plasticy presenters.  It’s mainly watched by pensioners and chavs;
  • There have been two Java updates for OSX in as many days, as a new piece of Malware looks to have spread to a few Macs, giving the BBC something to write about for once;
  • Walt Isaacson appeared on BBC Breakfast this week to talk about Steve Jobs.  He didn’t really say anything new;
  • Apple are said to be “noodling” with a 7.85″ iPad prototype;

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