Monday News Roundup

A few bits of industry news for you:

  • A Tokyo TV crew turned up at a Foxconn factory in Shanxi, China to interview prospective new applications for jobs at the plant. They got as far as the Gatekeeper and asked him why Foxconn were looking to hire 18,000 employees.  “Because the iPhone 5 may come out in June,” he said;
  • FaceBook has just been updated for iOS, and now takes full advantage of Retina Display on the new iPad;
  • Looks like there’s gonna be a biopic of Steve Jobs’ life from hippy to reintroduction at Apple.  Quite what was wrong with ‘PIrates of Silicon Valley’ I’ll never know;
  • The next model of iMac may sport anti-reflective glass.  G-Tech Optoelectronics are increasing production of cover glass for possible new units; the new iMacs should be of slimmer design too;
  • A survey has shown that 98% of new iPad customers are (largely) satisfied with their device;
  • Apple are reportedly working on some kind of game controller for their iOS devices;
  • Developer share of iAd revenue has been increased from 60% to 70%;

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