Midweek News

A few snippets of news.  Not much, but it has been rather quiet.

  • iTunes 10.6.1 has been released, which irons out a few bugs;
  • Slim, Quad-Core & Air-Like MacBook Pros To Arrive In Late April Or Early May, according to Cult of Mac;
  • Apparently, Steve Jobs loved ‘Siri’ but hated the name;
  • Tim Cook’s in China.  He’s been talking with the Mayor of Beijing, and the Chinese Vice Premier.  He also went for a nose round the FoxConn plant;
  • Mr Burns was spotted with an iPad on the most recent episode of The Simpsons.  He had an app to release the trapdoor in his office (which he used), and a game called ‘Angry Burns‘;
  • Ivy Bridge Quad-Core Desktop and Mobile Processors Reportedly Launching on April 29th;
  • Cult of Mac have a mega gallery of the unboxing of a 1984 128k Macintosh.  Have a look HERE;
  • Australian customers who think they were misled into purchasing the 4G iPad will get their money back;
  • After testing, the wifi in the new iPad is said to be the “worst ever”;
  • Apple Update is STILL telling me I have HP driver updates.  I DON’T!  STOP TELLING ME I DO;
  • Some wag suggested they are going to remake Back To The Future.  That will be the day I go out and buy a shotgun;
  • There’s a bug in Twitter that tells you you’re not following someone that you really are;
  • The beta of Photoshop 6 has reached half a million downloads in less than a week;
  • The British Government has decided to slap VAT on the price of pasties.  I am outraged.

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