Getting-On-For-Midweek Roundup

This is the only chance I’ll get this week to post something, but a few things have been happening:

  • Some users are saying that the new iPad is running hotter than its predecessor; up to 116F in some cases.  Apple say the unit operates “within their temperature specifications”;
  • Three million new iPads were sold over the opening weekend, believed to be a new record for the company;
  • Shipping times for the new iPad looks to have dropped to 1-2 weeks.  This may account for why the Apple Store was down for a while this morning;
  • Some Lion users have been notified that the strange-sounding ‘iTunes Producer 2.6’ is available for download with their normal Updates.  Not me, though.  I’ve been getting the same darned HP Driver Update for two weeks.  As much as I install it, the sodding thing keeps coming back;
  • iPad Sales Growth has accelerated to 156%;
  • Apple Stock has surpassed the $600 mark;
  • Apple are to spend $45B of their company purse on Dividend and Share Purchase Schemes, which Steve Jobs frowned upon during his time with the Company;

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