St David’s Day News Roundup *Update 3/3/12*

  • Happy St David’s Day;
  • Happy Birthday Nik Kershaw;
  • Happy Birthday to Penni, Michelle’s Mom;
  • Next week’s iPad 3 announcement may surprise everyone by only offering up 16GB and 32GB models.  It’s believed Apple will ditch the 64GB version for some reason;
  • The iPad 2 is likely to be dropped to 8GB with a price drop to shift them all quickly;
  • The iPad Mini looks like it’s being developed for a late-2012 release.  Production of the 7.85″ model is slated for a Q3 release this year;
  • The Apple Store app for iOS has been updated with some new Security features;
  • Thinner 13″ and 15″ MacBook Pro’s are rumoured to be here in April 2012.  No word on a thinner 17″ model as yet;
  • Apple’s stock has gone through the $500 billion mark in market capitalisation, over 34% already in the first two months of 2012;
  • Apple are considering a 14″ MacBook Air to suit Asian markets.  The 14″ screen size is said to be popular with consumers;
  • A new Apple TV may be launched alongside the iPad 3 next month.

*Update 3/3/12*

It’s now believed the iPad 3 will come in three flavours – 16GB. 32GB and 64GB.


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