Was Hoping for the New OSX to be called ‘Top Cat’, but …

… they’ve prompted for ‘Moutain Lion’ instead.

The new OS (out some time in the Summer) has been announced today.  Took me completely by surprise, I can tell you.  It sports over 100 new features from Lion, and takes its inspiration from the iPad.  Apparently.

iChat has gone, to be replaced by Messages, which is similar to iMessage for your iOS device.  You can get a Beta of iMessage for Mac already (HERE).  You can use the program to send free messages to any of your contacts on either a Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

A new Notification Centre has all your mail, messages, reminders and alerts in one place, and you can see all new content with the familiar red dot you get on your iOS device now.

Reminders has been ported to the Mac too, so you’ll never forget anything.  Unless you forget to look at the app, of course!

With Notes, you can now jot down anything you like, and add attachments and photos to Notes too.

Game Centre is featured in Mountain Lion too.  There is full Twitter integration too.  And AirPlay mirroring, so what you see on your Mac can be mirrored on your big HDTV via Apple TV.  Gatekeeper keeps an eye on your Mac and makes sure you don’t download anything malicious.

A preview Beta of the OS is available for Devs already, and as stated, the Beta of Messages is out now as well.  Apple have made a video available to watch HERE to outline some of the best features of the new operating system.

A more in-depth look at the features outlined above can be found HERE.

Oh, and it will Mac App Store download ONLY.  No disks, no memory stick option.  Just the download.


0 thoughts on “Was Hoping for the New OSX to be called ‘Top Cat’, but …

  1. I’m not about that OS X Lion life, but I may cop Mountain Lion. Kinda like how I was on Tiger and skipped Leopard for Snow Leopard lol.

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