News Roundup

I know it’s only 14th February, but it seems there’s nothing universally going on today, so here’s some news:

  • Apple are said to be working on an 8″ iPad, the iPad Mini (if you will)
  • The iPad 3 is slated to be announced on 7 March, and may incorporate 4G technology;
  • Apple stock broke the $500 barrier yesterday.  It’s now the world’s most valuable company, stepping further ahead of Exxon;
  • For every $5 US consumers spent over the last holiday period, $1 of that went on Apple products;
  • ITV, budget third channel in the UK, has warned Apple not to even think about giving their new television the ‘iTV’ moniker;
  • Steve Jobs won a posthumous Grammy award recently, which was received by Eddie Cue;
  • Tim Cook is going to present, live, a Conference Call to Goldman Sachs later today (8.30pm GMT) on Apple Financial Results.  You can listen HERE.

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