Mid-Week News Roundup

  • OSX 10.7.3 has been released, giving some more language updates and bug fixes, plus we see Safari 5.1.3;
  • Amazon France inadvertently leaked the release date of iPad 3 as March 29th;
  • Kraftwerk have an official Twitter account now, which is HERE.  One tweet so far and 5200 followers;
  • Apple are said to be shopping with Asian suppliers for TV components;
  • Steve Jobs told Best Buy to switch its Superbowl commercial to feature inventors and not celebrities;
  • Foxconn plan to build five new factories in Brazil to produce Apple products;
  • Final Cut Pro X has been updated to add multi-cam facilities;
  • Apple Airport Utility 6.0 has been released;
  • iPhone 5 could well have near-field comms chip built in for ‘swipe device to pay’ methods;
  • Firefox 10 has been released with full-screen support;
  • John Browett, former CEO of UK chain Dixons, has found himself at Apple with SVP of Retail tag.  Has anybody from the Board of Apple ever been in Dixons?
  • Neil Young said that Apple had been working on a hi-def music format;
  • New leaked photos of a camera-equipped iPod Nano have appeared.

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