Apple Education Event and iTunes 10.5.3 *Update 20/1/12 – Keynote Video*

The event in New York was all about education, of course, namely iBooks 2, iTunes U and the new iBooks Author.

Phil Schiller has said that carting text books about isn’t very practical, and they’re not interactive or durable.  A better idea, he says, is to have an iPad with the new iBooks 2.  It’s all about interactivity, as they demoed new books with moving pictures and sounds and things.

All for the iPad, it seems.  The iPhone screen is obviously too poxy to run anything like this.

Samples of new books can still be picked up from the iBookStore.  But now, there’s iBook Author too …

iBook Author is your chance to create your very own eBooks, and then sell them through the iBookStore.  You can turn something as mundane as a Word document into a huge growling interactive monster.  You can also drag in Keynote stuff, images, animations … you name it.  You can connect your iPad to a Mac, say, and preview it on the Mac before whisking it away to the iBookStore for review and publishing.

iBook Author is FREE and available from the Mac App Store NOW.  Schiller remarked that the books should cost no more than $14.99 to purchase.

The other story was about iTunes U.  You can now purchase (through an iTunes U app) full courses, materials and updates.

Only the US site has a video so far – HERE – the services aren’t available in the UK yet, it seems.

In other news, iTunes 10.5.3 is now out, which allows for syncing of these new books between devices.

*Update 20/1/12*

The Apple Keynote from yesterday is now available on the US Apple site – LINK


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