News Roundup

Apple Television. Coming To A Living Room Near You ... Maybe.
  • Apple head of design Jony Ive is believed to have a 50″ Apple Television prototype in his private company studio;
  • An Apple media event in New York later this month is believed to focus on the iBook Store;
  • Apple are trying to stop the sale and circulation of a very lifelike (eerie), unofficial Steve Jobs figurine, which sells for around $100;
  • iPad 3 may ship in March 2012, with iPad 4 appearing in October 2012 with some “killer applications”;
  • iPad 3 may also get an HD front camera, better rear camera and slightly thicker body structure;
  • The rumour that Apple may be in line for bidding for Premiership Football coverage may turn out to be bogus;
  • Sony have introduced a new flash storage media for cameras, called the XQD.  It’s large format is destined to replace SD.  It currently comes in 16GB and 32GB storage flavours.  It can write at 125MB/s, which is 1.4x faster than Compact Flash A;
Told you the Steve Jobs figure was eerie ...

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