Kraftwerk: “Music International”. What the What? *Update*

Somebody please tell me this was made with old Kraftwerk samples in a bedroom somewhere?  Please PLEASE tell me this isn’t “new” music that sounds like everything they’ve done for the last 20 years.

The video on YouTube is a couple of months old, so I’d expect we’d hear something on the official site or in the music press about any imminent release.


Robert informs me that “this song is a demo from the bestservice “Synth-Werk” Synthesizer Plugin, a fantastic tool if you want to make music and sound like Kraftwerk … but I don’t know who made this video.”  I checked out the plugin and it’s bloomin’ expensive, so I won’t be buying it.


11 thoughts on “Kraftwerk: “Music International”. What the What? *Update*

  1. This song is a demo from the bestservice “Synth-Werk” Synthesizer Plugin, a fantastic tool if you want to make music and sound like Kraftwerk…
    but I don’t know who made this video?

  2. In the “intro” musicmagazine I read, that the song (originally named “Elektromusik”) was created 2011 by the german “A-U-T-O-B-A-H-N”-Project, using the “Synth-Werk” software. It was created for the international market, where this software is sold as “Kraftworker” software, Rainer Sauer (frontman of the “A-U-T-O-B-A-H-N”-Project) told.

    But this video has not been created by “A-U-T-O-B-A-H-N” nor the software company. Rainer Sauer said, that he doesn’t know, who made it. The only link to his project is visual, he said, because the creator used the “Aeon” Software by SoundSpectrum which is also used in the “A-U-T-O-B-A-H-N” liveshows.

    So this video and music has nothing to do with Kraftwerk or Karl Bartos.

    (…check it @

  3. …and here ist the original Version of “Elektromusik”. It has some different effects and a different ending:

    About KRAFTWERK I heard, that there is a new album in progress for 2013. Mor informations about it @ Elektrogemeinschaft (= The “Elektrogemeinschaft” is a community including Dirk Matten, the developer of the famous Synthanorma sequencer and still involved in the real KRAFTWERK Empire, as you can see on this Foto It shows Dirk Matten together with his old fried, the retired Florian “V2” Schneider.

    1. New Kraftwerk LP? So, ten years between albums then? Classic Kraftwerk! Hope their sound has changed – getting a little tired of the Tour de France Soundtracks sounds now.

      Great info again, thank you.

  4. does anybody of u guys got A-u-t-o-b-a-h-n Elektromusik at 320 kbps, i wanna play it to share with people different kind of music. Thx

  5. This song was originally created from the SYNTH-WERK producers with the best service SYNTH-WERK Soundlibrary/Synthesizer.
    It is called “Music International” like named in the youtube video and not “Elektromusik” or something else.
    Rainer Sauer is a musician and “Synth-Werk” customer, but he has nothing to do with the creation of the song or the video.
    You can find more SYNTH-WERK infos, videos and demos and also the original song in high-quality here:

    “best service” is a german distributor for professional sound-libraries.

    1. OK, i don’t know, what this “Intro”-Magazine wrote, but Rainer Sauer is in fact a creator of sounds and music and he just made the demo for the Tone2 Computer Software Instrument SAURUS, which I think, has an outstanding sound…

      And Tone2 is an award winning independent brand which develops high-end quality audio applications and is expert in digital signal processing, acoustics, computer science and phonetics with more than 15 years of experience in audio software development. Maybe “Intro” made a mistake, when they wrote, that Sauer is working for Synth-Werk.

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