Friday Roundup

Quick news roundup to precede the final week of the year (before I shut myself away and avoid Christmas at all costs).

  • Apple’s A5 chip is being produced in the Samsung facility in Austin, Texas;
  • Apple are believed to be working on the iPad 3 right now, for a launch within Q1 2012;
  • A smaller, 7.85-inch iPad is also slated for launch after iPad 3.  The screens are said to be of LG origin;
  • Apple are believed to be buying a flash memory company for half a billion dollars;
  • ‘Steve Jobs’, ‘iPad 2’ and ‘iPhone 5’ were among the Top Ten Google searches in 2011;
  • A 15″ MacBook Pro with a startling quality display (2880×1800) is rumoured for release next year;
  • iTunes Match has been rolled out internationally.  Here in the UK it’s £21.99 a year.  I can absolutely guarantee they won’t be able to match 50% of my iTunes Library.  So I won’t be bothering with that;
  • iPad 3 is said to have a major redesign, after more parts were leaked from suppliers;
  • iOS 5.0.1 and been tweaked slightly for iPhone 4S users;
  • Steve Jobs wasn’t named as person of the year; that accolade went to the pointless protestors who blighted our country earlier in the year.

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