News: Nataly Dawn Solo LP

Had an email this morning to say that Nataly is going into the studio this week to start her solo album.  The studio time is booked and best of all, she says, she gets to use all the money we raised on the Kickstarter project before the Government gets their hands on it!

She says that Jack Conte is going to be producing the album.

Nataly’s written fifteen songs and plans to record them all in ten days at the studio in Sonoma.  They will be working with engineer Oz Fritz, and the drummer is Stephen Hodges.  Ryan Lehman will be on guitar (he appeared on Pomplamoose’s ‘Mr Sandman’).  David Piltch will be on upright bass.  There will also be strings and horn on several of the songs, and “some amazing people are lined up for those as well”.

A film crew will be documenting the whole thing.  Eric Ka Llevig will be directing the movie with cinematographer Mark Gamsey.

The album will probably be released in April 2012, as all the post production rigmarole needs to be gone through.

Anyone who pledged for Nataly to create a VideoSong – that will be up on YouTube before the album is released.

Nataly will be uploading loads of updates and photos on her Twitter Page.


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