Quickie: Pomplamoose USB MP3 / Lossless Flash Drives & Kitlist *Updated 17/12*

Pomplamoose have posted on Twitter this picture, and say that USB flash drives will be available soon “with all our music in MP3 and lossless format”.

UPDATE 17/12/2011

The Flash drives are now available from the Pomplamoose Store.  They’re 2GB and have “most of their releases installed”.  They’re $30 plus postage.



Cameras and Software

Video Editor: Final Cut Pro

Audio Software: ProTools LE

Camera: Canon HF-10, Canon HV40
DIGI 003 rack+

Monitors: KRK ROKIT 5 Studio Monitors

-Neumann TLM 103

-AKG D112

-AKG C1000s

-EV 635a





-Shure SM58 (live)

Adam Schaaf upright piano from the 1890s

Baldwin spinet upright piano, 1960s ish

Bosendorfer Imperial Concert Grand Piano, 1970s.  (it”s my dad’s…)

Martin Acoustic Electric guitar DC-16GTE

Nelson Coquette electric guitar

Fender Mexican Stratocaster electric guitar

1972 Wurlitzer 200 electric piano

Fender Rhodes Mark I (don’t know the year)

1974 Hammond Aurora organ

1967ish Hammond C3 organ

Casio M-100

Juno 106

Sonor glockenspiel

1940s Recanati Accordion

1972 Fender Twin Reverb Guitar Amp

Schoenhut Toy Piano


M-Audio Oxygen 8

EHX NY-2A Optical Compressor

Gretsch snare (very old, don’t know when)

Another Gretsch snare from the 70s

Rogers Snare, nickel coated brass, don’t know time period.

Ludwig & Ludwig kick drum, circa 1940s

Zildjian A Custom Projection Crash Cymbal

Zildjian avedis 22” ride from the 60s

-Waves Native Power Pack


-Antares Auto-Tune (chill out, i don’t go overboard)

Electro-Harmonix Pedals:


-Big Muff

-Big Muff with Tone Wicker

-Tube Zipper

-Deluxe Memory Man

-Electric Mistress

-Holiest Grail

-Bass MicroSynth

-Bass Metaphors

-Bass Balls


-Voice Box

-Cathedral reverb

Other Pedals:

-Bruiser (custom made distortion by Charles DeArmon

-Vox Wah V847

-Boss Dynamic Wah AW-3


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