Intermorphic Mixtikl 5 – OUT NOW! *Updated with Video!*

You know when something is so ridiculously good that you just sit there laughing?  Presenting Mixtikl 5 from Intermorphic.

You’ve heard me waxing feverishly before about Mixtikl, but this new version released today is just something else.  The chaps at Intermorphic have been teasing us mercilessly for ages with “just you wait and see” and stuff like that.  The wait has most definitely been worth it.

The visualiser screen. Full of lovely interactiveness ...

The first thing to get your hands (fingers) on is the visualiser screen.  Totally unlike the visualiser in iTunes where you just sit and look at a load of uninteresting silver balls for hours, this one is totally hands/fingers on.  Touch the screen while your Tikl is playing induces new notes/elements to the mix.  Very good indeed.  The screen reacts to your input by placing a coloured dot on the screen, with a random word chosen from a preset list built into the program.  You can add your own list of words too, together with a keyword which will sit happily on your screen until such a time as you want to change it.  As you can see from the iOS version screenshot above, ‘Michelle’ was the first thing that came into my mind and so I typed that in.  Other words like ‘venus’ and ‘melon’ appear with the dot when you tap the screen to induce a visual and auditory response.

Text input and Wordbank screen

From the image above you can see the options that allow you to enter your own words and toggle the built-in Wordbank, as well as shape patterns and visualiser options.  You can import words and sentences, too, from a ‘copy from clipboard’ function which is quite handy.

Mixtikl Pattern entry screen

The four white dots at the top of the Pattern Entry screen (above) take you to the options screen, where you can create new mixes, open existing files, save compositions, import and export, record and preview, and even visit the Mixtikl Store and rate the product (highly recommended you do both the latter things).  The icon next to it with the four coloured balls takes you to the visualiser screen.

New/Random Mix screen and Tiklpak Elements to choose from

Above you can see the generative music sounds and loops (Tiklpaks) that you use to compose your music.  Choose from as few or as many as you like, so you can be completely Godlike like Brian Eno, or completely over-the-top like (Gawdhelpus) Michael Nyman.

Here’s a screenshot all ALL the new features in Mixtikl 5, taken from iTunes:

Available NOW
for all platforms, including Windows, Mac OSX and iOS5.  You can get it for a jaw-droppingly low £17.49 from the Mac App Store – LINK – you will need Mac OS 10.6.6 or later to run this new version.  You can read more about the iOS paid (£4.99) version HERE and the FREE version HERE.

I’m gonna spend many more hours having so much fun with this.  I’ve only just scratched the surface as to what this can do.  You can follow the Intermorphic chaps on Facebook HERE and on Twitter HERE.

There’s not been software anything like this since Koan.  This is seriously stuff, believe me.  I’ve used my fair share of music apps for iOS and OSX over the years, but only Mixtikl is worthy of a review.

Well done guys.  Bloody well done!


Just been informed about this video on YouTube!  Check it out!


3 thoughts on “Intermorphic Mixtikl 5 – OUT NOW! *Updated with Video!*

    1. Thank you Pete, thank you Tim. Will improve the review as I find out what other new changes there are. Thank you again so very much, and congratulations on a remarkable product once again.


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