Apple ‘Mothership’ Revised Plans & Other News

The plans for Apple’s new ‘Mothership’ HQ in Cupertino, CA have been ever-so-slightly revised.  The main revision of note is a new artists’ depiction of the building.

Click and it gets bigger!

The other difference between the original plans are that it shows the layout of the floors on the interior of the building.  The 40+MB of PDF plans can be gotten HERE.  The Cupertino website is very slow, though.

  • A new Ivy Bridge chipset is said to be able to support three independent displays, so future MacBook Pro and Air models may have this functionality one day;
  • iBooks for iOS has been updated with new fonts and a Night-Time Reading Display;
  • The BBC’s iPlayer app is available for iPhone and iPod Touch tomorrow (Thursday 8th);
  • Walt Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs is this years’ best-selling book at Amazon;
  • An Apple A6 based television could be released next year, with screen sizes ranging from 32 to 55 inches.  Hate to think how much the largest model would cost;
  • A report also suggests new iMacs may have some TV functionality;
  • Intermorphic say that Mixtikl 5 should be in the iTunes store this week.  Can’t wait.  Review will appear on this blog.

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