Weekend News Roundup

look how far we've come. original iPod and new iPod Touch
  • Apple is said to be working with Sony and Hitachi, implementing a 4″ LCD display for an unspecified device set for launch next year;
  • The iPad 4 is said to introduce a “fundamentally distinct display technology”.  No idea, yet, whether the iPad 3 will adopt a “Retina Display” similar to iPhone 4 and 4S;
  • Microsoft will release a Test Build of Office 15 in January;
  • They are also said to be working on Office for iPad;
  • A Siri-powered Apple Television is still slated for a release sometime next year;
  • Apple’s 1-Billion Dollar Data Centre in North Carolina has created just 50 full-time jobs, making local residents question its value to the area;
  • All the Apple Black Friday offers are now gone, meaning everything’s expensive again!
  • Could be a 15″ MacBook Air for Q1 2012;
  • iPhone 4S’s are already selling out worldwide;
  • iOS 5.1 is available to devs.  It makes reference to new iPad and iPhone models.  And other than a fix for some location services, it doesn’t appear to do a lot else;
  • Apple had a completed version 64-Bit of Final Cut Pro 8 ready to go, and decided to scrap it for Final Cut Pro X, deeming the former “evolutionary and not revolutionary”.

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