Pet Shop Boys Collection: Additions 26/11/2011

Please UK Cassette

Catalogue Number TC PSB1
Released 24 March 1986

  1. Two Divided by Zero
  2. West End Girls
  3. Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money)
  4. Love Comes Quickly
  5. Suburbia
  6. Tonight is Forever
  7. Violence
  8. I Want a Lover
  9. Later Tonight
  10. Why Don’t We Live Together?
PSB Nightlife-Style Promo Wallet

Date of Origin Unknown
13.5cm x 8cm Blue and Black Nylon Wallet
Velcro Fixing, Six Internal Storage Compartments
Made by BagBase

Coming soon:  Actually UK Cassette; Go West UK CD Single; Can You Forgive Her? UK CD Single; Nightlife UK Cassette; Introspective UK 3 x 12″ Limited Edition LP.

Note:  The ‘Green’ Slipcase edition of ‘Release’ I was waiting for eventually arrived.  As I suspected, the ‘green’ was actually ‘blue’ (there never was a green one), and as I already had the blue ‘daisy’ edition, I’ve put the other one on eBay for a knock-down price.


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