Thoughts: Pet Shop Boys: Format *Update 17/11/2011*

I’ve been scratching my head a bit and poking around on the net, and from what I see, a lot of people think there are less than 40 songs that could feature on Format, the Pet Shop Boys’ second B-side album, due out in February.  Thing is, I’ve made a list of 40 songs from 1996 to 2009 (which I believe is the criteria of releases for the album).  Let’s see what you think.  If you think there should be any inclusions (or if you think that some of the songs are too horrendous to include on the compilation), let me know.  Here’s that list:

  1. The truck-driver and his mate
  2. How I learned to hate rock and roll
  3. Betrayed
  4. The calm before the storm
  5. Confidential (demo for Tina)
  6. Delusions of grandeur
  7. The boy who couldn’t keep his clothes on
  8. Discopotential
  9. The view from your balcony.
  10. Screaming
  11. Silver age
  12. The ghost of myself
  13. Casting a shadow
  14. Lies
  15. Sail away
  16. Nightlife
  17. Sexy northerner
  18. Always
  19. Searching for the face of Jesus
  20. Between two islands
  21. Positive role model
  22. Transparent
  23. We’re the Pet Shop Boys
  24. I didn’t get where I am today
  25. The resurrectionist
  26. Girls don’t cry
  27. In private
  28. No time for tears
  29. Blue on blue
  30. Party song
  31. Bright young things
  32. We’re all criminals now
  33. Gin and jag
  34. After the event
  35. The former enfant terrible
  36. Up and down
  37. PSB Brits Medley
  38. Fugitive 7” mix
  39. My girl
  40. Viva la vida / Domino dancing

Let’s hear what you think.  Don’t forget, a lot of the later singles had remixes of previous tracks, such as the Tom Stephan remix of ‘Up and Down‘ on the Beautiful People single, and don’t forget, also, the five (count ’em) digital bundles of Did You See Me Coming? that was available internationally on iTunes, with four remixes among all of them.  The mind boggles.  Well, mind does at the moment, anyway.

*UPDATE 17/11/2011*

The PSB Official Website has been updated with more info about Format.  38 tracks on the 2CD or digital download version.  Tracks are below.  Digitally remastered versions, too, and the typical Farrow design.  Released on 6 February 2012.  A new Pet Shop Boys studio album is being worked on with a release date of early Autumn 2012.  Thanks to NotShopBoys for the site update info.


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