Pet Shop Boys Collection: Addition 10/11/2011

Disco 4 Promotional Copy

Catalogue Number 50999 506046 2 3
Release Date 8 October 2007
Promo Copy with Parlophone Front & Rear Stickers

  1. The Killers – Read My Mind (Pet Shop Boys ‘Stars are Blazing Mix’)
  2. David Bowie with Pet Shop Boys – Hallo Spaceboy (Pet Shop Boys Extended Mix)
  3. Pet Shop Boys – Integral (Perfect Immaculate Mix)
  4. Yoko Ono – Walking on Thin Ice (Pet Shop Boys Electro Mix)
  5. Madonna – Sorry (Pet Shop Boys Maxi-Mix)
  6. Atomizer – Hooked on Radiation (Pet Shop Boys Orange Alert Mix)
  7. Rammstein – Mein Teil (PSB There Are No Guitars On This Mix)
  8. Pet Shop Boys – I’m With Stupid (Pet Shop Boys Maxi-Mix)

COMING SOON:  Christmas EP, Nightlife MiniDisc


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