Quickie: Apple News & other Tech Rumours

  • Preorders of the iPhone 4S sold out in Hong Kong in 10 minutes;
  • Lots of Apple stores run out of their stocks of iPhone 4S daily;
  • Apple could turn to dual-LED light bars for the ‘retina’ display in the iPad 3;
  • A 70-minute interview with Steve Jobs, though to be lost, will air at a limited number of theatres in November;

  • The German Lunor Classic Rund PP glasses (above) famously worn by Steve Jobs, have been doing a roaring trade at $450 a go.  People are buying them as a tribute to Jobs who passed away on 5 October;
  • Google has announced ‘Google+ Pages’, allowing businesses and brands to advertise their wares;

  • An original, hand-drawn floor plan (above) of the Apple property at 10260 Bandley Drive has surfaced.  It was drawn by original Apple staff member Chris Espinosa on 30 January 1978;
  • Adobe has released Photoshop Elements 10 and Premiere Elements 10 on the Mac App Store;
  • Firefox 8 is officially released tomorrow, but can be downloaded now;
  • Apple were looking at whether Siri would work with iPhone 4 and iPad 2, but aren’t believed to be considering its future on those platforms;
  • The battery on the iPhone 4S isn’t lasting too well, apparently, and Apple say there are bugs in iOS5 which are causing it – bug fixes coming soon, they say.

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