Quickie: Steve Jobs Programme on UK Channel 4 *Update*

Channel 4 in the UK are running a programme tomorrow night, Wednesday 2 November 2011, at 11.05pm.  Steve Jobs: iChanged The World is the story of the extraordinary life of one of America’s most successful innovators and entrepreneurs: from college drop-out to one of the wealthiest men in the world.

Through interviews with the people who Steve Jobs knew and who worked closely with him over the years, Steve Jobs: iChanged the World takes an unflinching look at his difficult, controlling reputation, and offers a unique insight into what made him tick.

In a never-before-broadcast, rare interview, Steve Jobs expounds his own philosophy of life, and offers advice to us all on changing our own lives to achieve our ambitions, our desires and our dreams. Steve looked back over his astonishing career and explained the principles on which he built his success.


Nice touch outside Steve Jobs’ house in Palo Alto, CA.  Fans and well-wishers left apples and flowers at Hallowe’en.


The evening after the night before.

I’m sorry to say the documentary on Channel 4 was abysmal.  I’ll say nothing more.


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