Pet Shop Boys Collection: Additions 25/10/2011

Pet Shop Boys Story: 25 Years of Hits

Catalogue Number UPPSB001
Given away free with The Mail on Sunday Newspaper, UK, 8 March 2009.

  1. West End Girls (10″ Mix)
  2. Paninaro (7″ Mix)
  3. It’s a Sin (Disco Mix)
  4. What Have I Done To Deserve This? (7″ Mix)
  5. Jealousy (7″ Mix)
  6. Being Boring (7″ Mix)
  7. Go West (7″ Mix)
  8. Before (7″ Mix)
  9. Home and Dry (7″ Mix)
  10. Flamboyant (7″ Mix)
  11. Did You See Me Coming?

Card picture sleeve.  Promotional Only.  CD contained content allowing you to pre-order the ‘Yes’ album that was due for release on 23 March 2008.

Release, Limited 'Marguerite' Blue Slipcase

Catalogue Number 7243 5385982 4

Metallic Blue ‘Marguerite’ Foil Outer Slipcase and blue foil liner under the CD tray
Released 1 April 2002

  1. Home and Dry
  2. I Get Along
  3. Birthday Boy
  4. London
  5. E-Mail
  6. The Samurai in Autumn
  7. Love is a Catastrophe
  8. Here
  9. The Night I Fell in Love
  10. You Choose

Catalogue Number CDPCSD 143
Orange ‘Lego’ Case
Released 27 September 1993

  1. Can You Forgive Her?
  2. I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind of Thing
  3. Liberation
  4. A Different Point of View
  5. Dreaming of The Queen
  6. Yesterday, When I Was Mad
  7. The Theatre
  8. One and One Make Five
  9. To Speak is a Sin
  10. Young Offender
  11. One in a Million
  12. Go West
  13. Postscript (I Believe in Ecstasy) (Hidden track starting at 7:07 after ‘Go West’ finishes)

Catalogue Number 7243 5 21857 2 6
Stickered Jewel Case
Released 11 October 1999

  1. For Your Own Good
  2. Closer to Heaven
  3. I Don’t Know What You Want But I Can’t Give It Any More
  4. Happiness is an Option
  5. You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You’re Drunk
  6. Vampires
  7. Radiophonic
  8. The Only One
  9. Boy Strange
  10. In Denial
  11. New York City Boy
  12. Footsteps

Expecting four more albums tomorrow, including ‘Actually’, ‘Bilingual’, ‘Behaviour’ and ‘Fundamental’.


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