News Roundup

  • Got a new iPhone 4S?  Using your old iPhone 4 case with it?  Better check it’s not interfering with the ambient light sensor – they’ve repositioned it inside the 4S, so there’s some possibility your case could be hampering its operation;
  • The rumoured MacBook Pro refresh could be put back to the first week in November;
  • The company are rumoured to be building iPad 3 already with a smaller dock connector;
  • The Apple UK webpage has taken down the Steve Jobs page now, one of the last international Apple pages to do so;
  • International pre-ordering of the 4S has begun in a number of other countries (22 in fact);
  • Copies of the new Steve Jobs biography have been sent out; he said that Android was a “stolen product” and he was “going to destroy them!”
  • There’s said to be a delay with some new Intel chips which could put a new Mac Pro back ’til 2012;
  • Steve Jobs had his DNA sequenced at a cost of $100,000 to help fight cancer in the future;
  • Jobs also left Apple designer Jony Ive with more power than anyone at the company;

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