Apple iPhone4S Breaking Sales Barriers! *Yellow Screen Update!*

Apple’s new iPhone, the 4S, is selling a thousand units a minute.  It will become the fastest selling gadget ever.  Apple sold 4,000,000 of them in three days over the last weekend.  In seven days from now, it’s rolled out in even more countries.

There are reports that some people are finding the 4S battery life “worse” than the ‘4’.  As a friend pointed out to me on Twitter, this was probably because the 4S has the same chipset as the iPad 2, which is becoming notorious for a bad battery life.

Other little iPhone 5 rumours I’m hearing are that it will sport a quad-core chip and a larger screen which may or may not be 3D.  Hope not.


Some customers have been complaining that their new black model 4S screens are looking a bit yellow.  The probably hasn’t yet been reported on the white models.  So if you’re thinking of getting a 4S, you know what to do …


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