Apple Newsstand & Other Apple News

For all of those searching this blog for Apple Newsstand, the answer is “you can put it in a folder!”*

If you take two icons and drag one on top of the other to make a folder, if you’re quick enough, while iOS5 is making the folder, drag the Newsstand icon into the new folder.  I tried it and, yes, it does work!

* Update – just sync’d my iPhone and Mac and the sodding thing has removed itself from the folder and deleted the folder.  I despair.  The new sync’ing, iCloud and everything else that’s new is a total disaster.

Get in there, you bugger!

In other news, looks like there are new MacBook Pro models in the offing.  Inventories for five new models (two 13″, two 15″ and a 17″) have been found.  Not likely they’ll be a new style MBP, but will probably sport new processors and other bits & bobs.

Good luck to all you waiting in line for a new 4S tomorrow.  Steve Wozniak has already pushed his way to the front of the queue in Los Gatos, CA …

... told you!
Some brave chaps already queueing outside the Covent Garden Store, London

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