iOS NOW. And iCloud, ‘Find My Friends’, iTunes 10.5.1 Beta, OSX 10.7.2, iPhoto Update …

It’s all happening today.  iOS5 is released around 6pm BST.  iTunes 10.5 was released yesterday, and already there’s a 10.5.1 Beta for devs which incorporates this iTunes Match thing that’s going to be switched on at the end of the month.

You can now upload all your iStuff at which is no longer in Beta.

The free ‘Cards’ app should be available around 6pm BST too.  You’ll find that later in the App Store.  And hopefully also, later, we’ll be able to move that Newsstand icon into a folder, which we’re not currently able to do.  Very annoying!  Find My Friends has just been added too.

On a slightly more sobering note, Steve Jobs was laid to rest in the Alta Mesa Memorial Park in Palo Alto, CA on Friday afternoon.  The park is the final resting place of other IT luminaries such as HP co-founder David Packard and HP engineer Lewis Terman, who along with Walter Hewlett gave Steve his first summer job aged 13.

But on a slightly happier note, iPhone 4S’s have started arriving.  AppleInsider said this one turned up in the US today, two days early.

Newsstand appears to be ‘up and running’ in the UK.  Can’t move the icon to a folder though, which is really annoying.  More annoying is that it seems the publications don’t actually appear in the newsstand icon yet.


iOS5 is here.  So go and get it.  There are also a couple of updates for Lion Recovery and a 10.5.2 OSX update.  Haven’t seen ‘Cards’ yet.  And an iPhoto update.

And there appears to be a new ringtone store as well.  You can pay 79 of your hard earned pence for a half-second sound of a lightsabre.  Utter, utter rip-off.

And now the Cards app is out.  It’s free.  And it’s HERE.  £3.99 to send a card anywhere in the world.  Use addresses in your Address Book (including your return address).  Design the inside and front of the card, from a number of designs.  You can alter the text throughout the card and insert your own pictures too.


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