Apple Keynote Live Blog

Live blog will appear here at 6pm BST.  If you’re just interested in the facts, want a few key photos and aren’t particularly interested in who’s there and who looks hot this year, this is the place to bookmark.

Rumours, already!

The first rumours today are that iPhone 4S will be released on 14 October.  In the US, the 64GB model will cost $299, the 32GB comes in at $199, and the 16GB version at $99.


  • Hate it when technology goes tits-up on you!
  • The Rolling Stones are playing
  • Even more Stones playing …
  • ‘Jumping Jack Flash’ is probably not the best thing to be playing ahead of Tim Cook
  • 5-minute warning been given
  • Tim Cook is on.  Black shirt.
  • Cook: “It’s a pleasure to host you today. I love Apple, and I consider it the privilege of a lifetime to have worked here for 14 years, and I’m excited about this new role.”
  • He’s talking about the room they’re in.  This isn’t going to be an easy ride.
  • Tim Cook looks like a cross between Steve Jobs and Arsene Wenger
  • Cook is saying that this is an extraordinary time to be at Apple
  • “Momentum is nowhere more apparent than in our Stores”
  • Talking about how big Apple is in China.  A video to demonstrate that.
  • 357 Apple Stores now
  • Giving an update of all Apple’s product areas
  • Cook talking about MacBooks and Lion first
  • 6m copies of Lion downloaded – 80% more than Snow Leopard
  • Approaching 60m users around the world.
  • Reminder that the iPod is ten years old.
  • Market share of the iPod in the US has always been above 70%
  • 300 million iPods sold – 45m iPods sold since last June
  • 16 Billion songs downloaded from iTunes
  • iPhone up next … iPhone is pummeling the competition
  • iPhone only counts for 5% worldwide market share of smartphones
  • Now the iPad – “there’s more coming up on the iPhone”, he jokes
  • 95% satisfaction rate for iPad
  • 250m iOS devices sold
  • Forstall’s up
  • 500,000 apps on the App Store – 140,000 of those for the iPad
  • 18 Billion apps downloaded in about 3 years
  • A new App – “Cards” – create your own cards on the iOS device as you would on a Mac before.  “We’ll print it out, put the address on it, and mail it. If you mail in the US, we can track it with the US Postal Service barcode, and we’ll send you a push notification when it arrives.”  Free app, available 12 October.
  • Forstall showing ten new iOS features.  Scroll back through my posts to see what they are!
  • Camera:  “We know how popular the camera is on the iPhone, and we make it even easier to use. Now you can get to the camera from the lock screen. You can add grid lines. You can pinch to zoom. You can set the auto exposure and auto focus to lock.”
  • Edit the photos on the device as well.
  • Who thought it would take so long to talk about tabbed browsing?  GET ON WITH IT!
  • In profile, Tim Cook looks just like Paul ‘Lily Savage’ O’Grady
  • Just because it’s one of his favourite features, do we really have to spend all this time on tabbed browsing?  I’m getting a little fu… oh, here we go …
  • Eddie Cue’s up, talking about iCloud integration with the photos app.
  • New ‘Find My Friends’ app.  Fortunately, I don’t have any, so I won’t have any need for that!
  • Oddly, Eddie Cue looks a little like Parker from Thunderbirds.
  • 5GB iCloud storage is free.  You can buy more, $20 $40 and $100 a year for 10GB, 20GB and 50GB.
  • iTunes Match is $24.99 a year.  Don’t think that went down too well.
  • iCloud October 12, iTunes Match end of October (US)
  • iCloud Commercial playing …
  • Phil Schiller is up.
  • iPod Nano update – swipe between icons – the grid has gone
  • iPod Nano has 16 new watch faces.  Including a Mickey Mouse one.  Jeez …

  • iPod Touch now in Black and White
  • Available October 12th
  • Shuffle, Nano, Touch.  No Classic by the looks of things.
  • Next, iPhone …
  • iPhone 4S – same design, all new insides!
  • A5 chip, 7x faster graphics … some guy from Epic Games is up …
  • Demoing a game that has some stuttering!
  • So have they ditched the iPod Classic without even announcing its demise?
  • An hour in … I’ve not got excited about anything yet.
  • Schiller’s back
  • Dual core graphics, dual core CPU
  • Battery – We now have 8 hours of talk time, 14 hours of 2g talk time, 6 hours of 3g browsing, 9 hours of Wi-Fi browsing…
  • Second — the wireless system. As you know we revolutionized with these steel bands on the outside of the phone. We’ve done something technically amazing. It can now intelligently switch between the antennas for even better call quality.
  • So have you fixed the antennae, Phil?
  • Maximum data speeds are doubled
  • Identical speeds to the HTC, LG and Motorolas
  • iPhone 4S is both GSM and CDMA
  • Camera system – most popular camera on Flickr – now with a 3264 x 2448 8MP sensor
  • 60% more pixels than iPhone 4
  • “Now you know, it’s not just about packing in pixels. This new sensor allows us to gather 73% more light than the previous model. It’s also a lot faster.”
  • And a Hybrid IR Filter.  Whatever that is.

Apologies to the 208 people lined up to follow my live blog.  CoverItLive went tits-up on me at the very start.  I shall be complaining …

  • Camera has face detection, 1.1 second to the first photo and 0.5 seconds for the second
  • Takes half the time to get a picture with iPhone 4S than the HTC Sensation.  Apparently.
  • There’s something called a Droid Bionic (a phone?) that takes 3.7 seconds to take the first photo.  Nasty.
  • 1080p HD Video, Video Image Stabiliser, Temporal Noise Reduction
  • Macro Photo Mode too, we’re told.
  • Print out a 10×8 photo that’s pixel perfect

Bear with me – everything’s gone to Hell in a handcart here …

  • Testing the voice-driven part of the OS now.
  • “You can ask Siri about the weather ‘what is the weather like today?'” Siri: “Here is the weather for today.”
Schiller and food ...

The tech is pretty amazing — Siri will follow along with your actions and understand context. Still, Scott has to talk to the machine slowly, like you would to a child or a foreign language speaker.

  • “We’ve also partnered with Wolfram Alpha. You can look anything up in a dictionary. You just ask your personal assistant.”
  • You can ask Siri ‘who are you’? “I am your humble personal assistant.”
  • Schiller’s back.
  • “It will have support for English, French, and German. We’re launching it in beta. So that’s Siri, and now you understand all that’s new in the iPhone 4S.”
  • Now playing a new 4S video …
  • The Siri tech is pretty wild in that it follows along with what you say. You might ask it to make an appointment for you, and if you have something scheduled, it will tell you and ask if you want to move it.
  • Video got a cheer.  Looks like this could be the end.
  • Same prices are the iPhone 4.  ie: bloody expensive here in the UK.
  • Pre-orders this Friday (7th), released 14th October
  • 16, 32 and 64GB flavours.
  • Lily Savage is back.  TIM … I mean Tim.  Sorry.

  • “Only Apple could bring these together in such a powerful and integrated way. I am so proud of this team. I want to thank you for joining us.”

That’s it.  Oh dear.  Well, I’m sorry to say that I’m suitably unimpressed.  I guess we’ll have to wait for all the big pictures to pop up on the Apple Store in the next few minutes, and for the Keynote to appear as a Podcast over at iTunes.

Until then, my sincere apologies for the rather annoying cock-up, no thanks to CoverItLive and their overwhelmed servers.  Hope to do better for you next time.  Thanks for staying with me.  Look after yourselves, and my your God go with you.

Oh, and the 4S starts (STARTS) at £499 in the UK.  How much do they want for the 64GB model then?  Hate to think.


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