“Let’s Talk About iPhone”

The posters are going up at Apple Campus ahead of tomorrow’s keynote.  Lots and lots of rumours are going around right now – “will there actually be an iPhone 5?”  “Is the 4S going to be the only new iPhone this year?”  “Will the iPod Classic and Shuffle get knocked on the head?”  We’ll have to wait and see.

Remember that I’ll be covering the keynote “as live” from 6pm BST.

A number of new “things” I’ve been told (thanks to Elliott McAllister) about iOS5 are:

  • New Notification System;
  • Lock Screen Notification: Swipe on Notification to open relevant app;
  • iMessage: Text messaging between iOS devices over Wifi or 3G;
  • NewsStand: similar to iBooks – auto-download magazine subscriptions and new issues;
  • Twitter integration – log in to Twitter once and tweet from Safari, YouTube, Photos etc;
  • AirPlay Mirroring for iPad 2 – duplicate the iPad screen on a TV wirelessly;
  • iCloud integration – a new free service with more than 5GB data to be shared between iOS devices;
  • Open Camera app from lock screen – double-tapping Home button will launch camera app from lock screen;
  • Volume Up button can be used to take pictures from Camera app;
  • Camera Grid: for more precise focus and accurate phoography;
  • Pinch to Zoom for Camera app;
  • Tabbed Browsing in Safari for iPad ONLY;
  • Pinch with 4-5 fingers to get to Home Screen on iPad ONLY;
  • New Split Keyboard for easier typing on iPad ONLY;
  • LED Flash for incoming calls and notifications for better accessibility;
  • Custom vibration for incoming calls for better accessibility;
  • Custom Tones for Calendar Events;
  • Custom Tones for Received Mail;
  • Custom Tone for Sent Mail;
  • Custom Tone for Voicemail;
  • New Music App redesigned for iPad ONLY;
  • Scrolling for Long Song Titles;
  • Weather Forecasts now update hourly;
  • Alternate Routes in Maps; Print Maps, Print Location, Direction Maps;
  • Built-in Dictionary App; Personal Dictionary – create and re-use your own personal words;
  • FaceTime Video quality improved;
  • (Possible) FaceTime over 3G;
  • Free me.com email address; all iOS5 users will get a free me.com email ID;
  • 1080p playback support for iPad;
  • Headphone balance: option to choose left & right balance under Accessibility;
  • More equaliser presets;
  • Animated GIF support for iMessage;
  • New keyboard has @ and # functions as well as the .com button;
  • iPod app renamed to ‘Music’;
  • Tweet locations in Maps; Tweet picture from Camera Roll; Tweet URL from Safari; Tweet Video from YouTube;
  • AirPlay feature now available to FaceTime calls: so we can now see that FaceTime call on TV;

I think that’s enough to keep you going for now, other than the new rumour that Steve Jobs may make an appearance alongside Tim Cook at the Keynote, but I find this highly unlikely.


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