Tuesday Roundup

When I post a news roundup on Tuesday you just know I’m bored!

  • Apple rumored to launch iPhone 5 on 14 October in US, UK, France, Germany & Japan;
  • The icloudiphone.com domain name has been purchased by Apple, possibly indicating a future, cheap, cloud-based phone;
  • A Facebook app for the iPad may appear at the same time as the iPhone 5 launch;
  • The new Macs with Thunderbolt will support optical cabling that’s being made available next year;
  • The iPhone 5 is now rumoured to have an aluminium unibody enclosure; the iPhone 4S will be a budget iPhone 4 for people wanting to get into the smartphone market on a shoestring.  History dictates, though, that Apple ‘shoestrings’ are still out of reach of most of us;
  • Apple is looking into releasing some of its products with curved glass touch-screens in 2012;
  • The rumour that Apple has reduced its iPad 2 orders by 25% looks to be untrue;
  • There’s been another fire at a FoxConn factory; nobody has been reported to be hurt;
  • Apple staff are being refused vacation time around 15 October when the iPhone 5 and iOS5 are set to be launched;
  • Firefox 7 is now out for Mac.  Not bad.

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