Quick Apple News

  • *NEW* iMac may be getting a late 2011 refresh.  More news as I have it …
  • Another MacBook Pro refresh likely before the month is out;
  • CEO of France Telecom says the iPhone 5 is due for release on 15 October; Orange confirmed that date too;
  • iOS 5 Beta 8 released this Friday, Carrier Approval possibly by 5 October;
  • The GM of iOS5 will be handed over to assemblers during the week of 23 September;
  • 30M iPhone 5’s will be built with 512MB RAM and an improved antennae system;
  • Vodafone say that iPhone 5 will come in 16GB and 32GB models;
  • The new iPod Touch white model won’t use the same lamination method as the white iPhone 4;
  • New London Store (in Stratford) opens today (Tuesday);
  • Intel have JUST announced that they’ve developed new Haswell architecture, created using a 22 nanometer 3D transistor process which could allow future MacBooks to run for 24 hours on a single charge, plus ten days of standby.
Bad news.  Some iPhone 5 screen protectors have been spotted online.  They confirm our worst fears, chaps.  Elongated home button:
The dreaded elongated home button.
And check out the size of it compared with the iPhone 4 ...

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