The First Photo Taken with iPhone 5? 3G iPod Touch Rumour. Oh, and Smart Covers for iPhone 5?

Never mind the sight of the gross raw fish on that plate.  That’s inconsequential.  What IS of note is the fact this is believed to be the first ever published picture taken with the new iPhone 5.  Despite the EXIF data saying it’s from the fourth gen phone, the image actually weighed-in at 8MP prior to being cropped.  Original picture weighed out at 3264 x 2448.  The lens was also recorded as 4.3mm f/2.4.

The original photo can he viewed here:  LINK

Also, there are rumours that Apple will be releasing a 3G version of its iPod Touch sometime in September.  This mini iPad, frankly, will let you communicate more while on the move.  The only problem I see with this is that Apple’s 3G technology tends to be a lot pricier than its wifi counterpart – just look at the difference between the wifi and 3G iPads, for example.  Apple had also been toying with the idea of sticking 3G inside some of its MacBook Airs, and I shudder to think how much extra that option would cost if ever made available.

And another rumour doing the rounds is that iPhone 5 will adopt the magnetic smart cover approach.


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