Hurricane Irene

The above image is taken from the NOAA Environmental Visualisation Laboratory.  The NOAA is predicting 15 inches of rainfall from Hurricane Irene.  The winds from the Hurricane are decreasing, but the rains from the storm will pose problems for cities along the Eastern Seaboard.  The map shows the predicted rainfall from 26-31 August 2011.  Irene is expected to make landfall around the Outer Banks, and this is where the majority of the accumulation will fall.

Apart from the map, this isn’t really a tecchy thing at all.  I have many friends in the US – a lot of them based on the Eastern Seaboard, most particularly Michelle and her Mom in PA.  I’m wishing them love and good fortune that the storm passes them without incident.


Because I’m seriously nuts about weather and all things weather-related, just found this from the New York Times.  This is the latest status and predicted storm track at 10.30hrs BST:

Irene Position & Status at 10.30hrs BST - Click To Enlarge

You can track Irene hourly with The NY Times Tracking Map HERE


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