Tuesday Apple Rumours

Rumored iPhone 5 Design
  • Apple are working on a cheap 8GB version of the iPhone 4.
  • The cheap iPhone 4 will be released alongside the new iPhone 5 sometime in September.
  • iPhone 5 will look the same as the 4, but have a larger screen, 8MP camera and better antennae.
  • The supposed parts leak for the iPhone 5 that have been doing the rounds may be for the cheap iPhone 4.
  • iPhone 5 may well be dual CDMA / GSM phone.
  • iTunes 10.4.1 is out NOW with some bug fixes.
  • A Japanese site reported that Apple were working on a brand new Mac Product Line.  The source had previously correctly reported new Apple tech, including iPad 2.
  • Japanese users of iOS 5 are finding that an Earthquake Warning System has been built into the OS.
  • iPad 3 may see the light of day early in 2012.  Key components are being purchased now and builds will start happening in the last quarter of this year.  Display res is rumoured to be 2048×1536.
  • The recent OSX Lion update was meant to fix the dodgy wifi connections from some devices.  This user can report that wifi still drops out occasionally and is very, very annoying.
  • Apple seem to be unable to keep up with demand for the 13″ MacBook Air.
  • Three suppliers are being used for the Retina Display for iPad 3.

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