iPhone 4S: Is This It? *Update 30/7/11*

Some new photos have surfaced of what’s purported to be the new ‘budget’ iPhone 4S.

AppleInsider report that the lighter, cheaper phone could replace the 3GS.

The ‘prototype’ is said to ‘run faster than an iPhone 4’.  The glass panels have been replaced with plastic ones front and rear.  Reports suggest that this 4S phone will be released alongside the iPhone 5 later this year.

The site that leaked the pictures were responsible for the correct posting of the new iPod Touch design in May 2010.

*UPDATE – 30/7/11*

So, if that’s the alleged 4S, what the hell are these?

Some say they’re new cases for either the 4S or the iPhone 5.  The silicone cases were found on Alibaba, and are appearing all over China according to some reports.  Note that the ring/silent button is now on the opposite side of the phone.  The back of the unit appears to be curved like the old 3GS, and the camera and flash are still together instead of on opposing sides of the chassis, as rumoured in earlier reports.

Another report this morning suggests that the iPhone 5 could be longer and wider than its predecessor.


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