Nataly Dawn Needs YOU! *UPDATE 21/8/11*

Nataly from Pomplamoose has just announced that she’s going to be recording her first solo album, but she needs your help.

She’s opened a Kickstarter page HERE and I’d be grateful if you would pop over and have a look.  She’s looking to raise $20,000 to fund the project.  She’s over a third of the way there already, so progress is good.  Every little donation will be gratefully accepted, from a dollar upwards.  Pledges of ten bucks or more will get you a digital download of the new LP once it’s available.  Other goodies are also available depending on the pledge amount.  Pledges end on 6 September 2011.

Here’s that LINK again.  Please do what you can.  Thank you.  Oh, and there’s a little video of Nataly there for you, too!

*UPDATE – 21/8/11*

She’s doing rather well!


But don’t stop giving!  The more money that’s pledged means more goes towards production of the new LP.

Wonderful news.  Congrats to Nataly.  x


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