Friday Roundup

  • Comments around the web suggest that Final Cut Pro X is pants.
  • New MacBook Airs next month (July).
  • New iPod Touch coming later this year (not much of an update, though).
  • Apple A6 processor coming next year.
  • 15 million iPhone 5’s will be produced for a first month run sometime this Autumn.
  • Apple are considering automatic ’tilt-correction’ on future iPhones.
  • OSX 10.6.8 update is out.  Among other things, the Mac App Store has been updated in preparation for Lion.
  • If you’re a Developer, WWDC sessions are now available from Apple (via iTunes).
  • Apple quietly released a new Airport Extreme this week, that’s said to be 2.8x more powerful.
  • Apple still working on Maps and Geolocation services.
  • Apple shut down a company that made notepads which resembled iPhones.
  • There’s still feckin’ tennis on.
  • Michelle – mail me, please.

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