WWDC ’11 – As It Happened!


Here’s a live-ish list of what’s being announced at WWDC right now.  Worth refreshing every few minutes or so.

  • They’re playing some old Motown music prior to the event starting!
  • Jacqui Cheng notes that there are about a billion MyFi things in the hall, so it’s bound to end in tears!
  • Jobs gets a standing ovation.  He’s looking well.
  • Someone said Jobs was “weirdly quiet” and “not as energetic”.  He sounds tired.
  • 5200 people in attendance.
  • Schiller on already talking about Lion.
  • 54M active Mac users and growing.
  • 3/4 of Macs shipped are laptops.
  • 250 new features in Lion.
  • Schiller demoing 10 features.  First is multi-touch gestures.  Very similar to iOS – swipe, pinch etc.
  • Second, full-screen apps.  The swipe gesture lets you get back to your desktop.  I’ve tried this, and I hate it!!
  • Swipe between apps too if more than one are open at a time.
  • Third, Mission Control.
  • Schiller demoing it now.  UIs look good.  Everything behaving like iOS.
  • Gestures let you swipe through Safari history.  Tried this too, and it’s quite horrible!
  • Mac App Store.
  • Every logo seems to have a brushed aluminium finish like the iCloud logo.
  • In the last 6 months, the Mac App Store has become the #1 software channel to get Mac applications.
  • Mac App Store built into Lion.
  • In-app purchases will be available in Lion Mac App Store.
  • Demoing Launchpad.
  • Next feature: Resume, instantly resume where you were in an application after you quit it.  Even works system wide, when you reboot all of your windows and apps return how they were.  Crowd applauds this!
  • Lion auto-saves pretty-much everything.
  • “This isn’t like a normal Apple Keynote”.  Schiller going over everything twice, apparently.
  • Icons can be rearranged in Launchpad as in iOS.
  • “AirDrop” – a new document sharing method.
  • Peer-to-peer wifi-based network – shows up in Finder.
  • You can see yourself and others around you running AirDrop.
  • Sending files just amounts to dragging to the icons of other computers.  Recipient gets a prompt, confirms they want it, and it downloads to your downloads folder.
  • New design, multi-column view.
  • Looks a lot like the iPad client, search is also improved. Looks a lot more automatic in regards to helping you intelligently search. Crowd claps for this new search method. Also, conversation view in mail.
  • Attachments even shown in-line with conversation view.  Search looks quite intelligent.
  • Even suggests subject lines that might apply to a few key presses.
  • Searches can also be combined easily, looks super quick.
  • Crowd clapping – they like Conversation View!
  • Lion ONLY available on Mac App Store.  4GB.  Buy once, install on all Macs just like Mac App Store Apps.  $29.99
  • Dev Preview today.  Out in July.
  • Forstall on for iOS5.
  • 200M iOS devices sold.
  • 25M iPads sold in 14 months.
  • 15B songs sold on iTunes.
  • 130M books downloaded on iBook Store.
  • 425,000 Apps on App Store.
  • 14B downloads from App Store.
  • iOS5 “a major release.”
  • 200 new features.  Showing 10.  #1 – Notifications.  Crowd goes nutso!
  • “Notification Centre” – single place where are notifications are.
  • Can get to it anytime from anywhere by swiping down from the top.  Crowd clapping!
  • Notifications no longer interrupt, you get an animation from the top.
  • Has a cool animation too, like a cube rolling down from the top.
  • Lock screen improved, much more information shown.  Can swipe across lock screen on a particular notification to go directly to the app it came from.  Swiping text message takes you right to the text.
  • #2 – News Stand.  Mags and newspapers?  Most publishers onboards with subscriptions already. National Geographic, Spin, etc.  Showing tons of magazines available.
  • New listing in App Store that combines all of these newspapers and magazines. News Stand looks like iBooks but is specifically for magazines and newspapers.
  • #3 – TWITTER – Built into iPhone.  Single sign-on stored in Settings.  Apps that use Twitter can use this with permission.  Twitter integrated into Apple apps like Camera.
  • Can also tweet articles from safari, videos from youtube, locations from maps.  Contacts integrated with Twitter, grabs photos for contacts.
  • #4 – SAFARI – Safari Reader – Looks like Instapaper.
  • New Safari has TABBED BROWSING.
  • Lightning fast to switch between tabs.
  • #5 – REMINDERS – built-in List Making app.  Reminders apps allows for storage of multiple lists, with dates to remind you.  Can even assign location, “Remind me to call my wife when I leave the convention today.”
  • #6 – CAMERA – Way faster, lock screen shortcut to get to the camera.  Double tap home button, tap camera icon.
  • Volume Up Button NOW TAKES PHOTOS.  A few laughs.
  • Optional grid lines.  Pinch to zoom.
  • Hold finger to auto-focus and auto-exposure lock in addition to tapping.
  • #7 – MAIL APP – Rich text formatting, control indents, draggable addresses, flagging, search entire messages, S/MIME now supported.
  • Keyboard enhancements: can drag keyboard up, splits like an ergonomic keyboard, and is smaller for thumb typing.
  • #8 – PC FREE?!  (Cheers!)  “We’re living in a post-PC World!”  Setup and activate iOS from the device, with no PC needed.   Software updates are now over the air.
  • #9 – GAME CENTRE – 50M unique users.  No-one claps!!!  Add photos/avatars in iOS.  Achievement points, friends of friends, game discovery, purchase/download directly from Game Centre.
  • #10 – iMessage – Crowd go ‘Ooooooh!’  New messaging service between all iOS5 users.  Text messages, photos, videos, contacts, group messaging.  Shows delivery receipts, read receipts, typing indication.  No mention of other protocols.
  • Pushed to all devices, pick up conversation from iPhone to iPad. Supported via 3G and WiFi.
  • Forstall is playing ‘Cut The Rope’ – a notification doesn’t disturb the playing of the game.
  • Photos and video are sent in “high quality”.  Looks like iChat.  Which no-one uses!
  • AirPlay mirroring.  Mirror iPad 2 to TV wirelessly.  WiFI Sync to iTunes.  CROWD GOES WILD!
  • Dev Seed TODAY.  iOS5 this Autumn.  Supports iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad and iPad 2, 3rd and 4th generation iPod touch.
That’s it for iOS5.
  • Jobs back for iCloud.
  • Talking about how it’s a hassle to “acquire” a song, and sync all your devices to get everything on it. “Keeping these devices in sync is driving us crazy.”
  • Things on iPhone sent to cloud immediately, then pushed down to other devices automatically.
  • Jobs sounds more lively now, which is good!
  • iCloud stores content in cloud, wirelessly pushes to all devices.  “It just works!”
  • ‘Why should we believe them, they’re the ones who brought us MobileMe?”  Crowd goes nuts!
  • Mobile Me ceases to exist, mail contacts and calendar is now free.
  • Showing how contact is all updated across all devices. Contacts and calendars stored in the cloud. Calendar sharing also added. Shared calendars also pushed out.
  • Wirelessly backup devices to iCloud.
  • Backup music, apps, books, camera roll, device settings, app data.
  • “We couldn’t stop there …”
  • Three news apps – Documents in the Cloud.  Pages document automatically updated and stored in the cloud.  Can edit a document in pages, gets pushed to iCloud, then edit on iPad.  This functionality in pages, numbers, and keynote.
  • File transferring seems totally automatic and effortless.
  • Apple have been working for 10 years to get rid of the file storage system!
  • Apps can store documents in iCloud, documents pushed automatically, updates on all devices when changed on any device.
  • Cloud Storage APIs!!!  Crowd goes nuts!!
  • Photo Stream – bring the Cloud to Photos.  Photo Stream works just like documents, but your camera roll gets uploaded to the cloud then sent to everything else.  Can also import photos, then upload to the cloud and push to everything else.
  • This is all built right into the apps “so there’s nothing new to learn”
  • Built into iPhoto on the Mac.  And Apple TV.
  • Last 1000 photos are stored in the Cloud.  Stored for 30 days on iCloud.  So it’s not a warehouse – more like a safety net to make sure everything’s sync’d OK.
  • Jobs now taking pictures with an iPhone.  Photos already on the iPad seconds later.  To save permanently, select, and save them to an album.  Pics are already on the Mac, too.
  • Seems to work seamlessly.
  • Photos you take or import upload to iCloud, iCloud pushes to all devices, works over Wifi (curious they mention this and not 3G?)
  • Devices store last 1,000 photos, macs and PC’s store all photos.
  • iTunes in the Cloud.  Songs you’ve already bought show up in Purchase history.  can download to your device by album, or by individual song.
  • Any music can be re-downloaded to any device for no additional charge.  Automatic download switch, if you buy a song on your Mac in iTunes it gets pushed to mobile devices and vice versa.
  • Wish Jobs would give Bob Dylan a rest.
  • Referring to it as ‘downloading’ and not ‘streaming’ at all.
  • As soon as song is purchased on the iPhone, it appears on the iPad.
  • Music purchased from iTunes, high quality, up to 10 devices.
  • All mentioned services are FREE!!
  • “It just works!”
  • To get iCloud, all you have to do is type in your Apple ID and password in iOS 5.  iCloud can be disabled, but it’s on by default.
  • 5GB of free storage for mail, docs, backups. Purchased music, apps, and books don’t count towards that.  Nor photos.
  • AVAILABLE TODAY!!!!  Dev Beta!!  BOOO!!
  • iTunes in the Cloud available on iOS 4.3 today.
  • ONE MORE THING!!!!!!
  • iTunes in the Cloud.  Your own ‘ripped’ songs.  DEAL WITH IT!!  Match your songs with those in the iTunes library.  $24.99 a year, to match your ripped songs with those DRM-Free ones in iTunes.  This sounds dodgy to me.
  • There’s no way iTunes can match my songs.  No way on earth!
  • Now showing a Data Centre being built.  “We’re serious about this!”  Apparently.
  • I’m still spitting fire over this iTunes Match nonsense.
  • IT’S OVER.

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