Chris Lowe ‘Sings’!

Remember the Pet Shop Boys?  Before they sold out completely and went on tour with Take That, churning out the same show they’ve been peddling for two years, they were occasionally good.  Take ‘Paninaro’, for instance.  I loved it and hated it.  I hated it because it was verging on abysmal, and Chris’s singing was not far from that.  And I loved it because it wound up the Italians.

Chris went on to release a single with former Arsenal legend Ian Wright, and he even appeared on Neighbours, rolling up in some nasty motor and asking whether “there was a recording studio around here.”  Yeah mate.  They’re ten-a-penny out here in the sticks.  His voice accompanied the bands’ ‘I Believe in Ecstasy’ which was thoughtfully hidden five minutes after ‘Go West’ finished on their ‘Very’ LP.  And then there was ‘One Of The Crowd’ and ‘I Want a Dog’.  There are probably others, but it’s early, and I can’t be arsed trawling my mind through 25 years of their songs.

Now though, there’s this.  A rip of an old New Order song that  Lowe has chosen to appear on with an outfit called ‘Stop Modernists’.  Don’t know anything about it, other than it’s out on 14th June on the ‘Keys of Life Records’ label.  Stop Modernists are a couple of DJs called Jori Hulkkonen and Alex Nieminen, both of whom sound like a couple of dormant volcanoes.

Well, here it is.  I think it’s alright, actually.  The ending is a bit dull, but it’s quite polished otherwise and definitely worth a listen.



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