Sinclair ZX-80: Someone Wants a Picture!

I was looking through the list of keywords people type to come across this site.  Some of them are quite bizarre.  Most popular is ‘Robert Smith’.  I’m sorry that I don’t have any articles on him, although I probably should at some point.  Another popular one is ‘Picture of ZX80’.  Well, whoever you are, here’s a picture of a ZX80.  Let’s hope it fulfils your wishes and desires.  And if you click on it, the image opens in a new web page, and if you click on the picture AGAIN it turns into a HUGE ZX80.  Well, kinda huge.

Go on. Click it. You know you want to ...

*UPDATE 28/5/11*

Typical isn’t it.  Now I’ve done that, I look through today’s searches only to find ‘ZX81’.  Grrr!


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