Intermorphic Mixtikl 3. Oh yeah! *Updated 5 June*

After three days without the internet, you’ll understand that I’m a little tetchy.  Having to walk half a mile to get a bad 3G signal on my phone wasn’t exactly fun, but I survived.  And I was rewarded this morning a) to find BT had fixed the internet problem and b) Apple had finally let Mixtikl 3 loose on a salivating world.  I did actually manage to get the iOS version off of 3G when I was out and about, and so I was preparing myself for getting home to update the version on the Mac.

So what’s new?  Well, firstly, I noticed that the controls appeared to be running more smoothly.  Dials and sliders were more forgiving (sorry guys – that volume slider used to be a pig (unless the batteries were going in my mouse).

When the piece is in motion, the currently playing part is highlighted in orange, which is very handy indeed.  A yellow marker within a blue bar shows the current position of the sound within that part.

The Menu Screen has some nice colours and is well laid-out.  You can go direct to The Store to buy those worthwhile (and darn cheap) Tiklpaks to increase your sound arsenal.

One of the main things I noticed during my frenzied plough through the software was the ability to change the particulars of a sample.  I will publish more about this once I’ve had chance to play around with it some more.

I have mercilessly nicked the complete list of changes to the new version ( from the Intermorphic website (sorry guys – wasn’t up to typing it all out!)

✓ Inline “live” synth editing allowing total customisation of Partikl synth sounds and FX
✓ Inline “live” Noatikl scale and harmony rule customisation at content cell and global mix level
✓ Includes 4 new unlocked Tiklpaks and 4 earlier purchasable Tiklpaks (meaning over 380 parts are now included)
✓ Content cell root and pitch offset controls as well as content cell FX
✓ Control-rate LFO now includes tempo-sync option and random level bouncing option (cool with filters!)
✓ Copying of zip paks into Mixtikl via App File Sharing now included

✓ Improved: Better looking, easier to use, much more responsive UI and simply better sounding
✓ Improved: Knob/slider control behaviour
✓ Improved: All mixes now saved to User_Content folder for easier synching with desktop (older mixes also moved there)
✓ Improved: Increased mix/mic recordings limit to 1000 bars
✓ Improved: File format update means tweeted mixtikls can now include full synth & fx customisations
✓ Improved: Synth / fx network editor now has colour-coded units, connecting cables & context-sensitive gadgets
✓ Improved: Partikl file loaded into Mixtikl from e.g. clipboard, plays back automatically in Mixtikl mixer

✓ Fixed: Many, many general usability & performance improvements and bug fixes

Some handy links too:

Get the Desktop update here:
Get the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch update from the Apple AppStore:

Having a look over the Intermorphic site, the chaps say that a Lite and Free version of Mixtikl are ‘coming soon’.  Great idea – but I do think they forget occasionally that the full version of Mixtikl costs a paltry £2.99!  A list of the differences between the version, and how much bang you get for your buck can be found here ->

I’ll be adding more to this review once I get a chance to play around with it some more.  If you’ve not updated your desktop of iOS versions, I’d say you should go do so now.  Point worth noting, actually, is that my desktop version for the Mac didn’t tell me an update was available, so if yours doesn’t (and I’d hope it will by now) then check out the links above and gets yours as soon as you can.

*UPDATE 5 June 2011*

Mixtikl 3, Noatikl 1.8 and Partikl 3 PDF manuals now updated and available. See


5 thoughts on “Intermorphic Mixtikl 3. Oh yeah! *Updated 5 June*

    1. Thanks Tim. Sorry it was so brief – really haven’t had time to play around with it yet, but wanted to get something up as quick as possible!

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