Quickie: Monday Update

Apologies for the lack of recent content – something I hope to rectify in the very near future.  At least The Rapture never got us!

  • Apple are believed to be looking at curved glass for the iPhone 5.  They did it (sort of) with a previous model of iPod Nano.  Won’t that make multi-touch a bit awkward, though?
  • The hoo-har over Apple’s secretive meetings and blacked-out stores was nothing more than in-house training for new in-store iPad-interactive displays.
  • The Apple Store iOS app is now updated with custom-build ordering an option.
  • If they can get agreement from some music publishers, Apple will launch a cloud-based music service in June.
  • 2 people were killed at FoxConn’s iPad manufacturing plant in China after a very big explosion.
  • A Verizon retailer memo remarks that a 64GB iPhone 4 is on the way.
  • On the Blogroll you’ll see a link for Retro Chick UK.  If you’re at all interested in vintage fashion or retro stuff, please take the time to check it out.  Her china collection is legendary, apparently!
  • I still love Pomplamoose!

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