The End Of The World Is Nigh … *

… well, according to this old fossil it is

More precisely, he says about 6pm.  Didn’t have the courtesy to say whether that was GMT or PST or EST or what.  That’s charming, that is.  Cheers, Harold Camping.  Not ‘Happy Camping’, obviously.

Anyway, if the world does end while I’m snoring my head off, I’ll be slightly annoyed because I’ve left it too late to go to Sainsbury’s tonight, and I’ll be royally pissed if I don’t have fresh milk for the morning cuppa.  And I flatly refuse to drink that creamer Michelle had while she was here.

And so it’s time to leave.  I’ve had a good life.  Wait a minute – I’ve had a bloody awful life!  I’ll leave you with m’colleague Mr Hugh Laurie, and the title track from his marvellous new LP.  This is for you, Mikki.

\”Let Them Talk by Hugh Laurie\”

* You may have noticed this post may be rather – how shall we say – facetious.  World may not end.  I hold no responsibility for the world ending tomorrow.  I wasn’t joking about Michelle, though.  I still love you, you daft onion.  Call me!  No, don’t call me – I’ve changed my number and you don’t know it.  Email me.  Yes – email – that’s the one.  GO!


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