Friday The 13th Roundup

  • Reports are going round that an Apple ‘iPhone 4S’ is coming in September.  It’s said that the phone is only a minor revamp of the current model, having better cameras, A5 dual-core processor and HSPA+ support.  But if you recall, a month ago, I said that the ‘4S’ was being developed with a larger screen, too.  Let’s wait and see …
  • Samsung is going to show off it’s 2560 x 1600 res tablet screen next week.  Could pave the way for near-Retina Display iPad 3
  • Apple may add a camera and games to a future multi-touch iPod Nano
  • ‘Beach Volley’ is a new update for Angry Birds Rio for iOS devices
  • If you’ve bought one of those new 2011 iMacs and are thinking of upgrading the hard drive in it, hold on a cotton-picking minute.  Apple have engineered the main drives in the iMacs with onboard firmware and special 7-pin connectors, so replacing them is almost impossible.  Commodore and Dell did this in the past, making stupid connectors for their own purposes, so third-party upgrades were a no-go.
  • Still waiting for Mixtikl 3 to be approved by Apple
  • A new update for Apple TV rids video and audio bugs, apparently
  • A company has produced a firmware hack that can turn your 2009 Mac Pro into a 12-core behemoth
  • Rumours are going round that a shortage of parts and labour are hampering output of the iPhone and iPad
  • Hugh Laurie’s new LP ‘Let Them Talk’ is now available and selling rather well through iTunes or Amazon (if you still want CDs).

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