Review: SAS-4As 4-Voice Poly Synthesizer for iPhone & iPod Touch

On one of my frequent trawls through the App Store, I came across this.  It’s one of three apps designed for Apple devices, the others being for the iPad.

Here’s the quick spec for you:

  • 4-Voice
  • 2 Oscillator
  • 24db/oct Low-Pass Filter
  • ADSR Filter
  • ADSR Amp
  • LFO
  • Auto Arpeggio
  • Delay
  • Mono/Poly Alt
  • 32 Programme
So, four-voice polyphonic with storage for 32 programmes.  Two oscillators per voice, and two ADSR Envelope Generators per voice.  Low Pass Filter with Noise Generator and Sample & Hold.  Just added are an auto-arpeggiator and a digital delay.
I’ll be honest and say that it makes some good noises, the controls are very useable, the keyboard is nice and responsive (as far as a phone display is responsive).  You can hold down a note (or notes) on the keyboard and slide left or right to move up or down the keyboard range.
There is a built in help-screen if you get stuck, which, frankly, you’re not likely to.  The colour scheme of the UI is pretty fetching, in a sort-of orange and grey Roland livery.  The digital sounds are very clear with no crackling (at least none that I perceived).
You get a pitch bend strip too, which is handy for mashing up high and low notes.  You can lock the keyboard too if you’re happy being restricted to one octave.  There is also a portamento function which is fully editable.
I must admit that the small number of sounds that come with the app are a little same-y, but you can fiddle about with them to your hearts’ content and save the result for mucking about later.
The scrollable Manual tells you what all the functions are, which is handy.
A brief review, yes, but I like it.  It’s cheap too – £1.19 in the UK, and well-worth a go, I’d say.  The developer has made a video demonstration too, which is a little twee to start, admittedly, but gets better.  iTunes link is HERE.

One thought on “Review: SAS-4As 4-Voice Poly Synthesizer for iPhone & iPod Touch

  1. I would agree that this is a great app- I played around with it for hours and can confess I am not the greatestS ynthesizer/Keyboard player , that said I bopped about as if I was Vince Clarke from Yazoo/Erasure but for £1.19 it is great fun with a great sound …

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